Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chef-in-Residence #1

During her residency at the farm, Margaret Tedesco of [second floor projects] harvests the first of this summer's cultivars, then experiments in the kitchen. Let's just say, I hope to have her here for another residency! Yum!
  • Mixed farm greens with nasturtium and calendula flowers, feta, dates, & lemon vinaigrette
  • Thai red rice cooked with coconut milk & sage
  • Corn relish with sautéed shallots and red peppers
  • Sauteed pumpkin seeds with nutmeg and cayenne


topiary said...

Looks great -- what is it?? Perhaps you should post the menu & recipes!!!!

edibleoffice said...

done! tomorrow I make margaret's latest farm recipe (lamb sauteed in a lemon, sage, rose geranium marinade)